Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Truth About Requirement Management Tools

Your fed up with managing your requirements and use cases using spreadsheets or napkins and realize the value in automating your requirements management process. After some basic exploration on google, you have found there are dozens of tools on the market and may be wondering which tools deliver the best bang for your buck.

I have been a software developer, a business analyst and a project manager in some capacity for over ten years and have been exposed to quite a few tools and want as many people to gain from my experience and guide you through this daunting maze.

There are several criteria for choosing the appropriate tool. While I won't go through each criteria, I will go through the most critical and we will show you which tools stand up as the best in their class.
1) Price
2) Useability
3) Functionality
4) Diagram Development
5) Team Sharing
6) Support and Documentation
7) Dazzling Reports
8) Integration
9) Performance
10) Installation


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